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  • Network Marketers - Attract more leads / customers to your opportunity!
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  • Bloggers - Build up your followers and get thousands of new people reading your blog posts!
  • Brands / business - Build awareness around your brand and get more customers on autopilot!
  • Affiliate marketers - Get more traffic to your affiliate offers!
So why should YOU care about having more followers...?

Here's a nauseating fun fact... Did you know that Kendall Jenner earns up to $300,000.00 for a single Instagram post? Yep. It's true. You can look it up yourself.

She can pull that off because she has over 82 MILLION followers on Instagram. Brands and businesses have no problem paying her 300K because they will likely make 10's of millions in product sales if she recommends their products on Instagram.

SO... Here are 3 reasons having followers on Instagram is a good idea...

1. Advertising leverage.
If you are promoting a product or service of some kind, the more followers that you have the better. Let's imagine you have 10K followers and you are selling a product worth $100.00 Let's also imagine you make a post on Instagram promoting that product. Finally, Let's imagine that only 1% of your followers actually buy that product. That means you just sold $10,000 of product with ONE post. Now imagine what would happen if you had 20K+ followers...? It's not hard to see how much opportunity there is when you have thousands of eyeballs looking at your content.

2. Brands and businesses will give you free stuff.
The more followers that you have, the more "advertising leverage" you possess. That makes you a valuable asset for brands and businesses. In other words... if you have 10K+ followers, brands and business will give you free stuff on the condition that you give them a "shout out" and recommend their products.

3. Easy Money.
This all ties back to the other examples, but it is also common for brands and businesses to actually pay you to promote their products. In other words, the more followers that you have, the more advertising leverage you possess, the more valuable you are, the more money brands and businesses will pay you to promote them.   

So hopefully you can now see why having followers on Instagram is not just to "look cool" It can actually pay your rent and then some...
THE BOTTOM LINE... Lead Magnutt is NOT in the business of "selling" FAKE followers. This is a professional marketing service designed to give your Instagram profile massive exposure so that you can attract more like minded people to follow you and get your message out in the world to attract countless opportunities, whether that be through developing new personal relationships, networking or financial business opportunities...

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